California Wild Fires


Vast Ocean ( Aptos CA)      

Life Feels Like A vast ocean, With No Ship Around…. Life’s Problems Build Character

 I was diagnosed with COVAD 19, by my Kaiser physician and was told to go home ASAP. Fact, I needed to self Quarantine, and wait to be called to get tested. This was Thursday, August 7th. It took a few days before I was able to go for a test. Meanwhile, I had fever, body ache, running stomach, all flu like symptoms. Now how did i get here? I was working, going into Customer site( homes) with mask on and gloves, during the widespread of the virus. I was feeling spasms, so I called Kaiser, my provider for advise, when I was informed my tell-a-tell signs were that of the virus. Monday August 10th, I showed up to get a drive -thru test, getting swabbed with cue tip ringing my nostrils. Not a good feeling at all. I was told I will know in a few days. While waiting, I am wondering if I have contracted Corona Virus , how , when etc. I am going through the motions of the disease and being away from work, when I can return, if I return. All my Family and friends begin praying for me … 3-4 days later I get results , no virus. I am celebrating, back to work on August 21st, and no virus. I had really dodged the bullet. On the wee hours in the morning, of August 19th, Wednesday, a couple of days before my return to work, Northern California is bombarded with Thunderstorms and lightening, and rain. This was highly unlikely since we don’t get weather such as this, as if 2020 was not action – packed enough, a myriad of lightening, caused multitude if wild fires all over California. Since I reside in NORCAL ( Northern California) , our lightening storm fire (CSU Lightening Complex ? Fire, was burning acreages like crazy, A total of 30,000 acres burnt in 3 days. An acre is-as big as a football stadium. Now we are staying up at night wondering if we are evacuating?

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Today Its all Quiet, The air is still Unhealthy, but we did not have to evacuate, But Lots of people have lost their homes


By Bloggerjee        dated September 1st 2020