Cucumber From My garden  
Spinach Salad with Chia seeds and Cucumber
Best Nut in the World..Walnuts
Full Of Anti-Oxidants… Blueberries
Spinach, Moringa, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Coconut Water, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Honey, Spirulina, Wild Maca, Cahcoa, Ginger Powder, ( Blends an Awesome Vibrant and Healthy Smoothie)


How to Grab A Piece of Heaven

I think allot of us have issues with our food.  I often meet folks who are more concerned with price of food, rather than it’s creation and content. Most of our Tomatoes, Corn, Oranges and Peaches are all GMO( genetically Modified Organisms), even our meats, such as Chicken.  They may be all natural with no antibiotics but they eat the corn based grains.

Its All about starting a garden, your little farm on your window sill or patio, if no yard,but if you have the luxury, of a little patch of Heaven; then jump in with both feet.  Start with some easy spices, preferably Basil, Bay leaves, or Mint.  Later Divulge in some Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber and Squash, all in potted plants.  They usually  take less than two months to mature (3 to eat).  You can get this project off in January or February, March and be a proud bucket of goodies by April or May  for sure.   I am a successful patch farmer, and love my cucumbers, straight from Garden to Gourmet Cooking.



dated 1/27/19, By BloggerJee