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Lets Start The conversation, I am here for you, if I can help in any way with my pen and knowledge I would feel blessed to be given the opportunity
We all are not born into luxury, love , or leisure but we are all born same and are same, you cut one of us and we bleed breathe the same…Lets not segregate, separate, but Shine, shower others with compassion.  This life is of servitude, serenity and in Jesus’s presence.  Every day is Sabbath, every life is precious cargo in his eyes, since we are born in his image, each & every one of us is blessed and loved and wanted and needed. 

Its Not all About me, It’s what I can do for others, what the Spirit commands me to do, not driven by self will but Spirit Led.

From BloggerJee  November 2020…. Now Its Your Turn… Write Your Heart Out.  We are going through tough times and I want to hear from you, I miss my Dad who passed away, and I still feel his loss, when I am really alone , in my solace, it hits me the worst… Are you feeling depression, anxiety, sadness, longing to find that joy, which is not in the material world, but you know it exists..  Lets start the dialogue .I will leave the lights on.

Jump On, jump in with both feet …What do you got to loose?





All Welcome… Make Bay Area Elite…Make Lemonade When Jesus Gives You Lemon



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