Hummingbird Eggs      Angels In The Garden 

Windy February Day 2022

I was at my friends home in Hollister, California is when I saw a teeny weeny nest , still looked intact in the patio.  As the silver grey tarp blew  in the wind, ropes crackling, Christmas lights teetering and highway 25 vehicles noises filling bombarding the serene morning  peace shattering it

In the kitchen , mommy Rudy Was humming away, cooking some delicious Guamanian soup  and coconut shrimp with rice cooker whistling away.  She was making some beef soup, bones from the market down the street  with Buck choy, and soy sauce dip with onions red hot Thai chili for dipping shrimp.  The shrimp was cooked with head on first, sauntered in butter, then drenched in coconut milk island style.  As she’s keep busy in the kitchen…I turned my attention back to the nest….. how was it that a tiny nest withstood the toil of time endured in the ferocious gale of winds impending from the Monterrey Bay.  How come you have a nest still up in this crazy..  My voice trailed away as I peered closely at the nest.  Jules standing on the ladder uniting old tarp from balled hinges, exclaiming oh she just left them…really just left them..  huh.

 Yup, the mother just left the eggs and disappeared for good.  Later I find out that a hummingbird had laid eggs in the dainty Concoction.   So I guess the eggs died, I stammered.  No .i took them out and put them under a lamp, Jules announced gleefully.  You have them, can I see?.  Sure thing in the house she motioned as I dated in like a schoolgirl running towards her first crus, not paying attention to all that was in the way.   I stated looking around in search of the lamp, until mama Rudy saw my beguiled eyes and nosy demeanor. Looking for the bird eggs luv.  There they are , she pointed to the mantelpiece with a modest desk lamp trying to deceive as a heat lamp, I strove towards it and when I reached it..

Encrusted in a grassy weed  submerged home in the tiniest metal bucket I had ever laid eyes on lay two precious jelly bean looking jewel of eggs.. yes Hummingbird eyes, waiting to hatch, as I was notified.  Hummingbird eggs-last I this stage 11 to 13 days, and the did not look like hatching.

If you reading we need your help to save these eggs..  what should we do ?  How can we get them hatched and save those baby Annas Hummingbirds?  It’s all in your hands …  Please do help..  the unborn  babies, Gods miracles..   now yours.


dated February  2022




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