How to Keep your Birds safe in September

For the past years we have been having flocks of Pine -Siskin migrating from Canada, with them they bought Salmonella. The long arduous journey tiring duration trave time played the havoc on the birds immune systems, by wearing them and eating unhealthy on the way.

This disease spreads very rapidly and is very infectious. Once they reach their destination. California They are carriers of this disease and some re pretty I’ll. Now this is how you can prevent this from spreading to the rest of your birds:

Sterilization of the feeders, weekly

Choose a peeler where dropping can not be mixed with food, in other words they can not poop in the food

Don’t feed them on open surface

Sterile water system, by attaching a filtration system, which purifies the water as it runs though the bird bath, fountain or water well.

Another thing to do would be to accommodate the beds with sick bay, a box with a heater installed inside with food and water,

Birds naturally have high temperatures , but during this infection, they can’t eat or drink, it affects their osephagus and creating system. It’s like they have the flu, weary, sleepy, can’t swallow, and chills.

Rarely do they get better, but makes the passing a little more comfortable . They become prey to bigger birds since they can’t escape easily and contaminate food & water.

The best thing to do is to prevent the other birds from getting infected . This will be helpful if acted immediately.

By BloggerJee Dated September 12 2021

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