SuperBowl. New Era In A New Decade

Tom Brady, the legend who heats gone from a gaudy back up to a 5 time Super Bowl champ with Bill Belcheck & Robert Kraft”s Patriots. Coming this Sunday , he”s not taking the Patriots to play in Super Bowl but a new team, a new regimen, with more superhero’s, without caps Fountaine, running back, Grong who came to Tempa Bay , to Coach Bruce Aryan”s Tempa Bay Buccaneers to play in the Super Bowl,, who won a Superbowl with Coach John Gruden 10 or so years ago

Who Are They Playing Against.

No other than last years. Champs Kansas City, led by the second Youngestquarterback in the league Patrick Maholmes, yes coming to all our homes Sunday February the 7th at 3 pm 2021, Kansas City Chief”s coach an old soul, next Belcheck, is no novice to this sport, he’s no other than Andy Reid, who has players such as Gruden, ( Raiders) Mike Sanahan (49ERS): Matt Fleur( Packers)

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