Super Bowl Or Domination of Age VS Youth.? 

Super  17

I am a dire hard football ( American) fan.  As I was watching the playoffs, between Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts, my thought was which number 17( quarterbacks) were better)

The young 6 feet 5 inch buffalo quarterback Josh Allen, or Joshua Patrick Allen was born in Firebaugh California, and went to Wyoming College before getting drafted to Buffalo Bills, funny story about them, they are 1 of the 2 teams which went to Super bowl 4 times and did not win a championship, the other was Minnesota Vikings. He was the 7th pick in the draft and was picked by Bills in 2018, in 2020 , , after being named as the starter Allen took the bills to payoff, and beat the Colts by 3 points to go to the divisional championship, beating the colts.  Bills Coach Frank Reich is excellent

The leader of the colts Philip Rivers was drafted to Colts in 2020 from LA Chargers.  He played for Chargers for 17 seasons, another 6feet 5 Inch QB, born in Decatur Alabama.  He was drafted by New York but Traded to Chargers while New York exchanged for Eli Manning who was drafted to Chargers.  






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