My Day At The Hair Salon



I was trying to get my hair done, before I go back to work, so I set an appointment, for today, Friday, January 8th, 2021, for 2.45 pm.

As I walked to the door, I realized, that the door was locked with bamboo curtain, with sign saying closed.  Since I know this Salon pretty well, I decided to go towards the back of the Salon. I made my way down the concrete footpath, park like area with benches and table , serene with big Birch trees sprawled with colorful leaves, mostly orange and Red, and some trees without clothes, stuck like sore thumb , musing, I dashed towards the door, when it opened and Sheri stepped out with five Chi Wawa dressed in Christmas out fits, barking and acting fierce, she greeted me as she collected al of then but one who lifted his leg and did his doggie duty to the skinny, dying brush… 

Most of the Spas, Gyms , Restaurants  and Salons  were out of Business, a few were moonlighting or open to a select few clients.  This Pandemic was clearing out, Cities, towns and businesses like a plaque, destroying anything and everything it touched, It even synched the ones which got close. Due to this , no massages or even relaxation, only work out would be mother’s working from homes, chasing their kids inside the dwellings.  Despite this downturn in economic depression, folks are loosing jobs and lubing on unemployment bank cards.  The rate if homeless citizens are increasing by a whopping  ten percent, permitting avenues of Homeless encampment springing up all over Various States and major cities.  Overnight folks were loosing their livelihood and lives due to the 2020 COVAD Pandemic.

Deaths are occurring, and infection rates have sky rocket since Thanksgiving, and does not seem to be going down.  ​Hospitals are bombarded with emergencies and a drastic  decrease in beds , while employee trying to cheer up folks wears an air suction outfit to work, thus spreading the infection to doctors and nurses , who ate already in shortage causing medical facilities to be spread thin and in dire need for medical staff. 

Great news on the Horizon, vaccines are here and God be wiling , we will be back to normal come Spring, but only God can predict.  Meanwhile, my plea to everyone, lets take precautions and use the masks, sanitizers and social distancing and together be a team of  success.  Lets promote Love and liberty, great decision and concentration, respect and togetherness in times of trouble 

Our goal for the new decade, lets have Moxie and enter the new year with camaraderie and Gusto.    Any Takers?  Lets Kill it.  We can do anything or all ONLY if we believe  and know The eminent power cones from within , since God is in all of us,

And it takes All of Us to stand tall and wither the change.​

By BloggerJee,       Dated January 9th, 2021 

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