Foods Of 2021 You Did Not Know, About….Reverse Aging

Awesome Salad, Really WORKS!!!




Age Reversing “SALAD”

Foods That make Your Skin Glow & Reverse Aging:

We are all looking for the quick fix, the hype , the new thing or fad at the moment that could fix our outward appearance.  I have come up with a Super Salad, with 18 ingredients that eating daily will start showing the effect:

Listed below are the 20 items:

  • Salmon: ( 1 6-8 )OZ)3 Omega Fatty Acids, great for heart and brain function.  Its a great food for depression and Diabetes. The brighter colored the food the better it is in nutrient factor
  • Spinach: ( 11/2 Cups)Great anti-oxidant and inflammatory superfood.  Great in vitamin, A, C and K, The Folate is great for absorption of magnesium and  Iron.  great for wound healing and nerve and nerve and muscle function.
  • Flex seeds: (1 Teaspoon) ALA Fatty Acid, which can not be produced by your body and fiber, Contains Ferulic Acid, prevents Chronic disease
  • Chia seeds:( 1 Teaspoon) : Grown by the Aztec Mexicans in Mexico, this low caloric food has Calcium, Antioxidant and Omega 3 Fatty Acids 
  • Garbanzo Beans🙁 1/2 Cup): Eaten Regularly in India as a healthy staple, Garbanzo beans, are great as an antioxidant, heals digestive tract, regulates Blood sugar and optimal for cardiovascular functions.
  • Blueberries🙁 1/2 cup):They are renowned as the queen of anti -oxidant.  Protects skin against radical damage from sun rays and prevents against cancer.  Prevents heart disease, promotes memory and nervous system functions,  Great for digestive tract, and fights against diabetes
  • Cinnamon🙁 1/2 Teaspoon): This aromatic condiment first was grown in Arabia and was named Cannas by Greeks, Cannas in Hebrew means tubes.  Its grown lavishly in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Shri Lanka.  This special spicy spice was carried on rafts from Indonesia to east Africa.  Today its found its way , into curries, smoothies, jams, pastes and many other authentic concoctions.  I love it because it increases your metabolism.  Its great for Diabetic patients, HIV , and Heart diseases.  It increases blood flow, loaded with anti-oxidant, a superb superfood spice like Oregano, Garlic or Turmeric. 
  • Coconut Oil/Cream:( 1 Teaspoon) : Coconuts were first discovered in Shri Lanka, Malaysia, pacific, in Guam and Philippines by Magellan during his travels to the Pacific Ocean.  The entire fruit can be used, the water of the coconut contains antioxidants which are great for
  • youthful look.  This tree of life’s fruit is great fat, good for loosing weight, cream great for coffee, oil for body and hair.  Its gift to human kind:  Prevents against cancer, restores thyroid and bladder functions.  removes free radicals and great for absorption of vitamins. 
  • Jalapenos(1 Sliced): Contains 109 grams of Vitamin C, loaded with minerals such as calcium, Prosperous, zinc, magnesium and manganese.  Its antioxidant: keeps free radical at bay and prevents on set of diseases.  Most famously known for weight control.  Add 1 pepper to salads, use it in cooking, grill with burgers , add to casseroles, rice, soups or anything you prepare.  If nothing else make Jalapeno Ice cream, I make some when I crave it, its really delish.
  • Pistachio(1 Teaspoon): Great in mineral Prosperous.  Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  Its an excellent source of antioxidant, and contain vitamin B6
  • Pumpkin seeds(1Teaspoon): Contains Tryptophan, a type of Amino Acids, that help you sleep.  Has Zinc, great for skin. Pumpkin Seeds have an abundance of magnesium which promotes heart health.  Rich in Fatty acids.
  • Sunflower seeds(1 Teaspoon): Rich In Phytosterols, a compound found in plant based food, regulates Cholesterol.  Great in Selenium, magnesium and copper.  great in Vitamin E, this is important since vitamin E protects the components of lipoprotein, which traffic the fats in our blood.  Not having enough vitamin E causes Neurological issues, sometimes a supplement is wise.
  • Balsamic Vinegar(1 Teaspoon): I brought a Few  bottle with me from Italy, great for my salads, and tasted the grapes they were made from, but this black liquor , assists in digestion.  Its known to fight cancer, It contain an antioxidant know as quercetin, which combines with vitamin C and together they are the white cells which fight cancer, in other words, these two together strengthen your immune system .   4 teaspoons a day it works as an insulin 
  • to regulate diabetes.  can also relieve pains of open wounds, due to its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil(1 Teaspoon): A Great source of MUFA ( Mono-Unsaturated Fats), Not great for frying though great for baking and eating in salads.  Olive oil is great for depression.  Get a piece of bread, mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar, wa-lah  no more depression.  Great for inflammation, obesity and high blood pressure.
  • Red Onions(6 long slices): great antioxidants, has healing properties. Fights cancer and improves heart health. Lots of vitamin C for iron absorption.
  • Habanero stuffed Olives( or just olives(2): Great for osteoporosis( Great For Bones) and cancer , loaded with vitamin E, great for circulation and is anti-inflammatory.  improves brain  heath and great for something light to fill you up.
  • Cayenne pepper(1/4- 1/2 Teaspoon): terrific in blood circulation.  Prevents colon cancer.  Reduces hunger, great as a pain medicine.  Works great to reduce Psoriasis of liver .  Blood Clots and migraines.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt( 1/4 Teaspoon): Regulates blood Sugar and hormonals imbalance.  Improves digestion and flushes out toxins
  • Avocado ( 1 Medium Size) : Loaded up with potassium.  Also full of Monosaturated Fatty acids.  Tasty and filling, great fiber fruit.  Lowers your cholesterol, though avocados are high in calories but good calories.
  •  Pomegranate seeds 1/2 Cup ( This many seeded fruits is an exceptional antioxidant(Punicalagins) This is a bible day fruit and is mentioned as something very valuable.  Great for fiber.  Fights Breast & Prostrate cancer.  Great  For anti-immflamotory .  Fights arthritis and heart disease.  Erectile dysfunction  and anti-fungal .  Great for memory , if your forgetful, helps you remember .  very tasty as well.
  •  Cucumber 1 small sliced ( mostly Water): Perfect for your body to detox from impurities.  Aids in loosing weight.  Promoted daily bowl movement.  Helps you stay hydrated.  Perfect for diabetics.
  •  Bell Pepper (, preferably red or orange( Lutein): terrific for regulating blood pressure .  Reduces the risk of diabetes.  Loaded with beta-Carotene and Potassium.

By BloggerJee   dated Jan 16, 2021

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