Spice Of the Month Series: Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne   Asian Saffron



Cayenne pepper, is Asian Saffron, which just an inkling adds a hint of class, taste, flavor, that can not be denied. Its an exceptional remedy to age long ailments and works well to keep the blood flowing and the keeps prostate and Breast Cancer at bay.  The Ingredient Capsaicin in Cayenne pepper assists in revving up Metabolic rate, thus helping in boosting Metabolism.

Christopher Columbus, Yes the same one who discovered America, brought these jewels from south and Central America in the 15th Century, since his journey pertained to finding Spices from India.  Apart from the few benefits I have already mentioned; Cayenne pepper also Provides:

  • Improves Metabolism
  • Helps Pain
    Reduces Inflammation
    Stops Itching
    Used During Cold& Congestion
    Protects Nervous System

Where Can you Use Or Apply Cayenne Pepper:  Curries, Soups, Smoothies, Chutneys, Pickles, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Salads, Deserts, Dips, Meats, breads, Pastas & Cheeses

In  Asian culture especially, Indians who Practice Ayurveda, Cayenne Pepper is a very significant potion.  Its known to cleanse Chakras and Energy Portals to the Journey to Beyond.  This Significant spice was awarded to mothers who just gave births, so the destiny of the newborn baby would be as bright as the color of the Cayenne pepper, another spice of similar significance is turmeric.   When a child, teenager or a grown up breaks a bone or sprains an ankle, a mixture of turmeric, onions cayenne pepper is created as a paste then cooked and wrapped around the culprit area to reduce inflammation and to enhance expedient healing  the joints and to strengthen the muscles .  
Another Key Ingredient where Cayenne is readily used is in cooking, making a garam masala , turmeric, Cayenne pepper, garlic  and ginger, other, prevents from catching colds and germs, in growing within us.

The vibrant Red Color when mixed with warm water, or soups and drank, is considered an appetite suppressant, as well as
protector of the gut, if mixed with yogurt as well.  a lot of Folks use Cayenne like salt which prevents them from using salt.

I love Cayenne pepper in Mango Smoothies and Thai Curries.  

Stay tuned For Thai Curry Recipe…Coming Soon.

By Bloggerjee   Dated December 2020


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