Christmas, A Time To Celebrate?



Christmas is pretty close, and  I have been working like a maniac.  This should be a time of Christmas songs, buying gifts and drinking hot chocolate with family and  friends while they show up for decorating the tree.  My ritual, for Christmas tree decorating: Preparing a savory cheese platter, which comprised for dry Salami, or Some  all natural, organic, Nitrate free , No additives, preservatives and NON-GMO.  Another tasty item on the plate would be smoked wild Salmon, original Cream Cheese, Double Cream Bree Cheese, English Cucumbers sliced with water Crackers or Multi grain Crackers.  To top it all thinly sliced red onions and a few Jalapeno stuffed Olives, or plain ones.  Cracked Black pepper and slices of apple, or Kiwi. preferably both extremely sweet.    This is how I do the platter:  I lay  out all the crackers, in a circular pattern , round 1, 2 and 3 and 4 if platter is big.  It is wild to have a decent sized platter, or use one of the serving big plates.   Next spread cream cheese on some of the crackers so there’s an assortment factor.  The ones with cream cheese, add the Smoked Salmon.  The crackers with no cream cheese add slices of the Bree and then add the salami on top.  Take the sliced cucumbers and add on some or all the crackers.  Next the Red Onion Slivers, ( If you prefer Caviar) use that instead.  Last but not least the sweet kiwi on and sprinkle the black pepper all over the crackers.   You can put the olives with little tooth picks and some other different cheeses on sticks such as if swiss, as well with grapes and humus and pita chips.

Another way to ensemble the platter, is to lay it all on the platter, and everyone can cut, create and and mix and match according to their flavors and finesse.

Take another place and add assortment of nuts and dried fruits such as cherries, apricots, with cashews, peanuts, almonds, macadamia and pine nuts.  Some shelled sunflower and pumpkin  seeds added would give it a bit of zing.  Now you are ready, to make your pot of hot chocolate : One Of Santa’s Faves…

  • Milk, Almond, Coconut or 2 % milk.  I mostly use water and add 1/3 milk
  • Cacao Powder, Its bitter, so tastes great
  • A Dash Of Salt
  • A Dash Of Cayenne pepper
  • Marshmallows, Upon You(3-5 big ones)
  • Pieces Of Dark Chocolate ( Superfood)  add to the hot water after adding Cacao Powder
  • 1 table spoon of maple syrup, Honey or Sugar ( 1 Cup) Recipe.
  • 1 Table spoon of Condensed Milk


  • Boil Water , add Cacao powder , add Sticks of dark Chocolate  
  • Add Salt, Cayenne, and Sugar Ingredients.( Maple Syrup, Honey, Sugar)
  • Add Milk
  • Add Condensed Milk 
  • Top it with Marshmallows.

Serve & Enjoy


Now your ready to decorate the tree….Stay Tuned


BY BloggerJee   Dated  Sunday December 13th, 2020


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