,    Start To A Beautiful Day…

I was woken up by the hummingbirds high pitch chirping and Chatter, with chip , chirp, chirp…later followed by the sound of more chirping.  I have a beautiful baby live Oak tree from which hangs a feeder. Where these little songbirds frequent  and sing to me daily 

After grabbing a cup of Java, I make my way outside to be welcomed  by Goldfinches, House  finches   White-Crowned Sparrows,  The aroma  of fried eggs,  tantalizing sausage , delved in the morning air, as I swept the fall leaves, bird seeds and other debris  away from the concrete footpath, leading to the paved courtyard , with white washed erected Pergola, dressed in green shrubbery , and branches out of a Hansel and Gretel story book.

‘Those long skinny frail tendrils ,seemed ideal places for the Goldfinches to perch on and the hummingbirds as well.  Song birds caroling, White-Crowned Sparrows  singing the best tune One had ever heard, while the fall leaves were rustling  from  the  roof all the way to the ground, collecting in a pattern by my feet.  Orange, Red, Yellow, leaves of diverse designs , flew around in symphony of the strong gale persistent this morning.  After sweeping and my outside feeding, cleaning chores, I steeped back in and showered changed in my sweats  to be welcomed by a tray laden with eggs, marmalade, jam, cream cheese wheat toast, blueberries, and another  pot of Japanese Barley  tea freshly brewed with honey.

‘I enjoyed my breakfast as I skipped through google news clips and ended  up setting on watching the Football Game, Detroit Lions verses  Texas Texans.  It was a great half then the Texans and JJ Whatt and Dishonest Jackson took the game away from Mathew Stanford.

‘The kitchen was buzzing with cooking sounds and heavenly smells of Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, home made bread, and Green Beans.  
‘Double cream blue berry pie and Velvet cheesecake.

 I busiest myself sending , well wishes of the days, called to family & friends Nd tests, wishing them a very merry and Blessed day.  the sun shone strongly for a few hours the, it was just a fall beautiful day, with gusts of wind and happy cheers strewn all over the town by beautiful leaves.

At 5 Pm dinner was served, yummy food, with healthy servings and more football games and lastly Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers or a movie; second Part of the Christmas Chronicles, movie was slow and lethargic, put me in a sleepy mode, while the game, well no game, so I turned To Amazon, my go Everything,  was way more exciting.  Ended up having Dinner and night cap with Vera.. Yummy.

‘All in All , a very relaxing and peaceful day, much like a another Sabbath day… enjoying the life’s pleasures in his presence, being grateful and thankful.  Life is best when its going 100 Miles a minute, like a horrendous storm, the best in us seeps out then.


‘’By Bloggerjee.    Dated November 26th, 



    1. Eh, I guess that was a peaceful day, I used to have wild crazy Thanksgiving days with lots of people, booze, Noise and etc etc etc. Things are a bit frowned upon the way I celebrate Thanksgiving and life itself. A New outlook and refreshed view of life. Our time on this planet is but few hours, go ahead and make someone’s day.. My question to me daily : What was your good Deed 4 the day..Keep reading, love the feedback, my friend.

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