How Not To Age Gracefully


    How to Beat Ageing Spirullina                        



         As we are born into this body we rush to Start  to crawl, then to walk, later turn 18 Or 21 so you can drink legally, and to be called adult, gain all the privilege. It seems once that’s achieved, life is gun exciting, a great ride, you in top of the ? world . After peak its valleys, As we approach 40, the realization of old age sets in and suddenly, as if nonchalantly, we want to be 21 or go back in life, it just went to fast and you can see the end , since time begins to race. What to w need yo do to capture and enhance the time frame which portrayed our youth and made is invincible.

The sadness creeps in , the glimpses of the end, and life’s journey seems close and the fulfilled dreams but just a far distant away, we want to return to the glory days, by looking part and acting the part. The later is easy but the the first not so much due to nature and gravity. What to do .. Dating , hanging with the younger crows, talking like a disgruntle teenager does not help when your outward appearance is a 40 Year sone1thing… The truth seeps in like a loud bang on our sub- conscious and it hurts.

How to get the youth back!


  • Look your Age, It portrays Youth indirectly
  • Watch & Read Food Labels while shopping, 
  • Eat Foods loaded with Antioxidants and Super-Foods
  • A brisk daily Walk in your regimen of life is a big plus
  • Eating Glass verses meat another Substantial move in the right Direction
  • Addition of Wild fish, Shrimp , and other ocean and river organisms beats the process( especially sea algae , (Spirulina
  • No processed Food Whatsoever Eat lean protein skinless boneless Chicken Breast, Fish with low or no Mercury, lots of Lentils and Black beans. No foods that causes inflammation: In other words cut out , All white Bleached Foods & Sugars
  • Use Mineral sun screen , Suns Ultra Violet Rays can be Harmful, also use nightly cleaning Ritual to help skin shed old skin, so it leverages new skin production
  • Yoga, as I  turned my exercise from conventional to Meditational. Yoga, brings peace, serenity, longevity Immune System Restoration, Stress Reduction & restful sleep
  • Last but not least Fasting and Autopay: Intermittent fasting has been around for years, and I practiced it readily, not knowing its benefits. My hectic work schedule kept me away from meals until late afternoons and sometimes in the evenings. It shrinks your stomach but most of all what it does to your Biometric Markers. 

I recommend buying a Ketone Monitor, if that’s a bit pricy Urine strips are fine. Read instructions and apply, great way to get started.

I am adding a daily morning juicer, Drink to enable a change to your physical experience and to help with Longevity, excess energy, regularity and definite weight loss.

Half of the Battle is to get Started, once started, the results add, the noticeable change for you to take it to the next level 

You Have 1 Life, & Make The Best Out Of It…Start Now, Early Start Promises A Beautiful Finish…,

Stay Tuned For Recipes

By Bloggerjee Dated.         November 20th 2020 


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