Wild Or Farmed?

Wild Salmon, Garlic, Lemon juice & Cayenne pepper


Where’s My Protein?

2. Salmon is rightly one of the top Superfoods as far as I am concerned, and rightly so I  might add, since I have seen a spike in my HDL( high Density Lipo- Proteins).  Salmon has a lot of great benefits, light fluffy and does not make you feel sleepy after eating like a lot of the proteins do.

1 Number 1 Superfood: Why, Awesome Protein:

A :Great Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids:  Each time I eat a fist size Salmon piece I receive 100 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids which My body doers not make.  The best part is I do not have to take a fish pill.. Ugh

B: Great Source Of Selenium:  Well I get all my Selenium from my fish, which in turn promotes my bone health.  My Body needs very little and Salmon does the trick, by giving me 60% each time I eat it.

C: Great Source Of Protein:  Best protein source, it provides 25 grams of protein, enough so I don’t crave for energy and keeps me light on my feet

D: Reduces Inflammation:  We all suffer from this, Due to Inflammation we tend to be afflicted with heart disease and Diabetes.  If I eat Salmon 4 days a week I get about 16-21 ounces which gives me 500-600  grams of markers good enough to keep inflammation away.

E: Helps me be A Skinny Minnie:  One fist or palm size Salmon is about 200 calories, and with some green beans with it, I am at my dinner etiquette calories of total 300 which is fabulous. So it helps me to keep Fit.

There are many more, and I would like you to check some out, this is your homework..

By Bloggerjee    dated January 2020


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