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Chia Seeds Added to your Water Daily improves Heart Health

Chia Seeds:

Who knew these little Black  pearls, did wonders to your well being.   These antioxidant was initially was founded by Aztec farmers in their fields in Mexico and spread all over to the West.

These little beads of jewel are full of Calcium, Magnesium and iron.  Chia seeds can work as dietary fiber if mixed with smoothies, salads, flour, or rice.  soups and salads.  They make beautiful tasty cakes, ( recipe Below)

Its known to keep Osteoporosis at bay.  This is what i do daily to clean my gut and kill unwanted bacteria.  I use Chia seeds in different food formulas, but what I find it simple to do is to add a handful of chia seeds to my water, in my hydro flask which I carry with me.  The presence of these beauties, keep me clean and hydrated.

Recipe for Chia Seed cakes 

4 OZ of Salmon ( 1 Fist Size fresh)
2 fresh Garlic Glove
1/2 Jalapeno, slices
1/2 Cup Chia Seeds soaked, for 1 hour, pour out water / Or just dry 

1/2 Bunch Cilantro 
1 Teaspoon of Himalayan salt/ Or Just salt
1 Teaspoon Extra Virgin olive Oil
100% whole wheat Bread, 1 slice worth of crumbs
2 Table spoons of Cumin seeds
1/2 Cup of all natural yogurt, Can be made at home by taking Milk and adding a little lemon to turn sour

Put 1garlic,1  jalapeno, 1/2 Bach of cilantro a dash of salt in the blender and blend well. Put aside( Mixture 1)

Heat up Cumin seeds, in a pan till slightly black, remove and use a roiling pin or spoon to grind into powder ( mixture 2)

take Salmon, rest of 1/2 Sliced jalapeno,1 garlic , chia seed bread crumbs, Rest of cilantro  rest of salt.  Blend all well, take out of Blender form into little caked  fist size (m mixture 3)

Take olive oil put in pan heat it up and place cakes in it, brown each side 5 minutes, each side.  to reduce use of oil keep flame medium and cover with lid to accelerate cooking.   Once done put on paper napkins to soak extra oil.

Mix Mixture 1 & 2 To Yogurt and use it as a dip for the Chia Seed Cake. Place in Fridge to Cool 20 Minutes.  (Do this prior to making the cakes)

Serve Dip with The Chia Seed Cakes & Enjoy

By Bloggerjee     dated September 2018



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