Spice Of the Month? Fenugreek

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Spices: Spice For June 24th:  “Fenugreek”:

I grew up eating food spiced with the above spice, it has a pungent smell and comes in seed( dries) or plant form( green).  Its usually, is an acquired taste such as coffee, Or Dragon Fruit.  Its prevalent in Eastern Cooking and can be a replacement for Flax Seeds.

It’s Indian name Methi.  fenugreek was recommenced to me by my mom at an early age.  Mom would soak a handful of the spice in cold water and in the morning , you hold your nose and chug it down, and have some tea to cut down the bitter  taste.  While on the other hand, my aunt used to simmer the seeds in coconut oil, and smear all over her hair or soak her hair over the weekend in fenugreek seeds and coconut oil, let it stay for 8 hours and then wash and rinse and it really kept her hair shiny.

it’s great in salads, smoothies, pastes and curries, again goes great if mixed with flax seeds and chia seeds.

I have listed 5 major reasons to go Fenugreeking:

  • Taking Fenugreek seeds and placing them in a cup of water and adding warm water and then drinking seeds and water will strip fat from your arteries, reducing high cholesterol.
  • It reduces weight Mass, in other words bloating and stomach disorders.
  • The seeds are full of fiber, thus a weight suppressant.
  • It’s a daily Livelihood to Romans and Greeks, where the cattle hay is spiked with fenugrek to enhance milk production.
  • Great for constipation, the seeds due to water and enable waste production.

Daily use w)ill have definite health Improvements. 

If you have tried it or have comments ;Feel Free to write to me , or comment.
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