How To Keep Your Self Healthy During The COVED 19 Pandemic



Pitcher full of water with Ginger, cucumber, Mint, & lemon, takes all gases out of bloated Stomach
Fresh turmeric, Chia seeds, dash of Cinnamon, coconut milk or 2% milk( Warmed) all put in a blender with a spoonful of honey

Life Kicks Me In The Butt

Well today I woke up with a slight cough and fever.  My fears came rushing in,.  Is this it, did I contract the virus, was I going to be on the ventilator, will I not get to see my family and friends… I heart in my mouth, tears forcing their way out…  I went through all of it, my demise, family and friends missing me… Oh My God.. Started Praying…

This is error way of living.  This happens to us frequently, when we forget All mighty God and start living life on our terms.  We put ourselves through trauma, enigma, frustration, anger, desolation and many more worthless  feelings.  We feel negativity, which we need to never feel.  Life is a positive situation, more positively a   happy, serene living, allowing the Holy Spirit to do our bidding.  Asking the Spirit to lead the way.  I needed to be vulnerable and humble, my life is his, and I can not do life my self but I know he can do it , so I request him to take over and process this life through me.  A better me, a more powerful and useful me, well a more divine and loving me…

As I closed my eyes and felt his presence , my memories flooded back to my childhood days, a rumbustious me, regardless of worry, sadness, anger, condemnation, but full of innocence , love for all, mostly for Life and My Creator…. I need to be like that child.   My mothers voice penetrated that world, coming in loving and clear.  When you start feeling not your self, what do we do?   Right , warm water with turmeric, kills everything.  Also accompanied by hot water gargles and steam bath to push the perpetrators out of your skin and body.  This was one of my Mom’s home remedies but there were so many.. ( I will Share 1 daily, to help all staying home to make life a happy and healthy one)

I sat up, went to the kitchen, and washed my hands thoroughly and got busy with the agenda at hand, warm turmeric water first, followed by gurgles, 4-6 times and pot on a Kettle on the stove.  Once the boiling water beckoned me with the humming noise, I collected a big orange Home Depot bucket from garage and a blanket.  I got a chair and placed it in my room, where I would not get disturbed and after pouring the scorching hot water in bucket carried it to my room, I sat on the chair bucket next to my feet , hot steam escaping from bucket.  I took the blanket and covered the water and my self inside of it like a shroud.

Next I was soaked in sweat and hot.  After inhaling the steam for 20 minutes, all sticky and sweaty, I showered and felt much better.  As the day went by, I was cool as a cucumber, not even an inkling of any fever of cough.  I started drinking warm Numeric water daily .. By the Grace of God, I am perfect, sane and grateful.

If My life experience helps anyone please pass it on… and most of all pass on the Love Of Jesus, in this trying time in our lives.

Come to find out I had allergies and just flu.


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