1,2,3,4 Belly Fat Gone!



Eat Grass.. Literally                                       
Gut Flattening Liquid

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Water, Mint, Ginger, Cucumber & Lemon

How I Lost My Belly Fat…

I know This may sound corny, but it’s true.  You can loose Belly fat my way faster than ever before.  Without any more delay, do this:

Foods To Cut Out:

  1. All Dairy products( No Cheese, Milk, Or Yogurt)
  2. All Unnatural  and Bleached Sugars ( A small amount of Natural Sugars; such as some fruits are fine, Berries, (All) Kiwi, Grapes, All Citrus, Some Melons, ( especially  Watermelon) Pineapple couple of times is fine( Better if NO SUGAR!
  3. Grains, Bleached or unbleached( Rice, A major Contender)
  4. All High Refined Carbohydrate-White flour, Bread, Potatoes 


A misconception, we tend to have on yogurt is that it is healthy,  but in truth, it has lots of hidden sugars, with hardly any nutritional value, even the good Bacteria, you need is slain by all the glucose, or any sugars ending in cose.    when I say Sugars I really mean No Sugar whatsoever.  No on deserts, cookies, cakes, candy sugary fruits, let it all go, even your nightly glass of wine.

How To Get Going?            

Leaving Dire To Be On Fire

another toughie, No grains means no Brown rice or quinoa, Try this for 1 month.  Once All cleaned up, you may bring a few of the items back into your diet. This will enable all your stomach and gut issues to disappear.  No more gas pain, or constant belching, no heart burns, or diarrhea, a good belly and great and regular bowl movements.  No More Imagining.. Less Imagining and More doing. Your Body is your temple, and your life is very important. We are worth it..

So Then What Do We Eat?   

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By Bloggerjee      dated January 2020

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