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I am a Bay Area ( California) native.  I have lived here for over 30 Years and love and appreciate the culture, comrade consistency and charisma, which this NORCAL ( Northern California) suburbia entails.  Like, once a famous phrase, spoken and exited in the core of our demise :” See what You Can do for your country and not what your country can do for you.”

What are you bringing to the table, are you who you want others to be? Are you a person of integrity, honesty, self worth , and value.  Are you changing lives, enriching and sharing yourself with others?  WHY NOT?

You can start anytime, as soon as you decide you have something to give, to pass on, a legacy which will be remembered and cherished by others.  You have made a difference in lives.  HAVE YOU LIVED LIKE NO TOMORROW & HAVE DEDICATED YOUR LIFE FOR OTHERS, Let’s start today, right now, lets do it together, let’s learn from each other and lets Forgive and forget, but remember God’s gift to us, be grateful, and feel and live a blessed life, since Jesus gave us heaven, here on earth and after death.

So what are we waiting for?  Lets do this…. Life is what we make of it, Families can be created, wonderful friendships, amazing relationships and bring fun in a humdrum life and spread it through out the universe… Why?  Because we can and  we should and we better… We want to leave the world a nicer place then when we first entered.  Corny?  Not At all but noteworthy?  FHOSHO…. What have you done for someone  lately, Who did you feed, clothe, cherish, listened or gave your self freely to, in their need… Lets start NOW….

Thanks for motivating and focusing on people, you and me and GOD is in people… LOVE ONE ANOTHER…Since GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES , but creates perfection and beauty, and you are a DIVINE creation, capable of love, hope and forgiveness.   We can make this world a great place to live, since we are just passing through .. and this journey is something to be remembered and recorded and shared… Spread your joy and love freely and reach out and touch someone.. Make a life better and bring joy to another….

Thanks for being my mentor:  To My Mom & Dad.. I will give my all & Love like a fool, since tomorrow has no guarantee.

                     Lost my amazing DAD on March 3rd 2019… But his teachings and memory lives on…dated April 2019(                 BLOGGERJEE                                                                                                   Just This note)  Your comments are welcome: