Scrub Jay
A California Native, Smart As A Whip ( Scrum Jay)
Hummingbird in Flight for Nectar
Gorgeous Green Gem” ( Hummingbird)
House Sparrows( Females)
Singing In The Wind ( House Sparrows)
Eurasian Collard Doves
Free Frolicking ( Collard Doves)
Iridescent Anna's Hummingbird
Spider bird ( Iridescent Hummingbird)
Collard Dove Enjoying Split Grain
I”m Still Standing…( Eurasian Dove)
Male House Sparrow
Front & Center ( Male House Sparrow)
Birds enjoying a backyard feeding
I bet I can find it ( Birds looking for lost ring)..
House Sparrows
Check It Out…( Bird Buffet)
A Pair Of Crows
I am Taller…( Crows)
Multiple Feeders full of Nectar
Nectar Hanging World For Hummingbirds
A Pair Of Finches
Look Here .. Finches
A Scrum Jay Eyeing his Plate
What to choose…Dilemma ( Scrum Jay)
Squirrel and Scrum Jay
I Am Thirsty.. Squirrel, with Scrum Jay Watching
Squirrel Jumping From The Tree
Great Landing…
Lots Of Birds
House Sparrow Assembly
A Thrush Forging
You Are Mine…(Forging Thrush)
Lizard Camouflaging
Garden Snake.. or just a Lizard?
A Collard Dove with corn in beak
I Have A Gift For You.. ( Collard Dove)
Scrum Jay Flying Away
Leaving So Soon..( Scrum Jay)